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Many new car owners do not take into consideration the environmental damages that are caused when vehicles are transported to and from different locations. From the factory, your new car has not been treated or protected inside and out — the manufacturer does not have a detailing department on the assembly line. Additionally, your new car was most likely stored outside for several months in the heat or cold weather extremities, which causes environmental contaminants to settle into the paint of your car. The weekly dealership washes that are done in haste, with the wrong techniques, can also cause wax deterioration and swirl marks to your car.

Upon delivery or acquisition of your new or gently used car, you can arrange for a team member of World Class Auto Detail to give an honest evaluation of your vehicles condition. The benefit of our new car prep auto detail service is having a car look better-than-show-room condition. Aside from the obvious benefits of a detail that will enhance the beauty of your car inside and out, our meticulous staff will also find any flaws, damage, or unforeseen problems that can arise that would be overlooked by you or your sales representative. We are basically an ambassador to you and the dealership. In our experience, the dealership is very responsive and will remedy any problems prior to your purchase. That’s if you know what those problems are?

World Class New Car Prep will provide clay bar treatment to rid the embedded dirt and contaminants from the paint’s surface. A one step polish and sealant will be added for superior protection. All exterior windows will be treated with RAIN X. ScotchGuard fabric and upholstery treatment applied to all interior carpet and floor-mats for superior water and stain resistance. Leather & Vinyl treatment to seats, consoles, and panels. (ScotchGuard costs $99& up at the dealership)
“World Class Auto Detail wants to ensure that your investment is protected at all times and you’re not mislead with just a new car scent”


Choose the correct option based on your vehicle size. A receipt will automatically be sent to you at the email address that you provide, and a member of our team with contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment date and time. *note: Vehicles with 3rd row seating are considered as “Large” vehicles. Thank you in advance for choosing World Class Auto Detail!




Whether you’re trading your vehicle in or selling it privately, you want to get the most you can for it. You can increase the value and probability of selling it by having it professionally detailed by World Class Auto Detail. Statistics show having your vehicle detailed in advance raises the value on an average of $600. First impressions are everything! – a potential buyer will assume if you didn’t care what the inside or outside looked like, that you didn’t care what happened under the hood either.

Obviously your car will command a higher price and be easier to sell if it looks to be in good condition. A quick look in a price guide will show you there can be a big difference in value between a car of poor condition and a clean car. Sometimes this difference can run into many hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in getting your car detailed in preparation for resale, please contact World Class Auto Detail by calling 443-463-3533 or submitting an inquiry via our page.

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