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T Rowe Price Detail Day

T Rowe Price Detail Day World Class Auto Detail would like to extend our Corporate Detail Day Event to your staff. Here's your opportunity to "work while we wash". If you're interested in having your car detailed at work please use our easy online sign up . You must provide Read more

Baltimore City Detail Day

Baltimore City Detail Day   World Class Auto Detail would like to extend our Corporate Detail Day Event to your staff. Here's your opportunity to "work while we wash". If you're interested in having your car detailed at work please use our easy online sign up . You must provide your email, level of service, Read more

Detail Day at Advantage Title

World Class Auto Detail will be onsite at Advantage Title of Eldersburg on Tuesday Oct.31 at 9:30. If you're interested in having your car detailed please use our online sign up below. Read more

Detail Day at the Ritz Carlton

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Since 2013 World Class Auto Detail has been the go to company for auto detailing at the Ritz Carlton of Baltimore. With continued appreciation we would like to extend an invitation for you to sign up for our onsite detailing services at The Ritz. We offer an array of services that would certainly appeal to your expectations… From the minivan moms to the luxury sports car dads, We have you conveniently and professionally covered. It’s SIMPLE sign up here to be notified of our next arrival?


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As I woke up, the first thing I did was shower, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, my body lotion, and brush my hair.

But, this article isn’t about me. The picture I’m trying to paint here, is that we take care of ourselves on a daily basis. We invest in our health, our home, and many of us, our automobiles. We spend the most money in our lifetime on our home and our means of transportation. Think about it. The average cost of a new home is $250,000. The average cost of a new car is $32,000. With both of these purchases comes maintenance cost. The price we pay for this can be astounding so your thoughts going into your purchase should be to have financial reserves to cover these cost. For automobiles, you have the cost of fuel, repairs, and cleaning responsibilities. Now! You can save money by DIY (Doing it yourself) or if time is your enemy, you call a World Class organization. If your going to pay to have your car detailed, don’t sell yourself short to a company that will have you saying, “I could have done that myself”. Washing your car to most seems like a easy task. But when you are trained to wash a car properly, you see a different process and ending result to quality car care. The supplies… Wash mits, towels, brushes, waxing products, chemical mixtures, all play a significant part in overall quality maintenance and paint care. As I was stating earlier, how we care for and protect our skin by adding lotion, sunscreen, etc., we must do the same for our automobiles. It’s vital that you protect the paint, as well as other fabrics of your car from the elements.

Lets begin to explore how you can keep a clean, pristine, and valuable automobile that will have heads turning years later. Starting with the interior, a clean, spot free, smoke free smelling interior will delight the driver because it’s where the most time is spent. With our interior deep clean service we lift the fibers, vacuum, shampoo, disinfect, and condition all areas to a fresh look and smell. A professional should recognize your stains so that the correct chemical is used to remove it. In some cases car owners wait too long to have stains removed so it causes permanent damage. To assist with stain removal it’s recommended to coat your fabrics with scotch guard. The consoles also need conditioning and protection to prevent cracking from severe heat temperatures.

The exterior which is most important because it’s exposed to sunlight, cold temperatures, environmental contaminants, and sap, all things that severely damage any paints finish. We encourage frequent claying and waxing of the exterior to prevent particles from sticking to the paint, which is the main cause of scratches and deterioration. To maintain flawless looking paint, takes skill and determination. It’s all about your cleaning and waxing process. Not to mention, are you using the right towels? Old rags and harsh chemicals can create scratches and etches in the finishes of your paint, and or rims. At World Class micro fiber towels are our go to, with our detailing solutions. The process of claying each vehicle before waxing is the sure way to remove contaminants from the paint. Non-professional detailers will wash then wax your car without cleaning the paint. This process only applies wax on top of dirt. This means that your protection is very limited in durability. A professional will inspect your paint and provide you with the best recommendation for your vehicle or your expectations. Our complete line of waxes can give you what your car needs, high gloss, long lasting protection, oxidation removal, scratch removal, or any paint defect corrections. Along with waxes, you have polishers and buffers for these specific job requirements. Take a look at our picture gallery and see before and after photos of some paint defects and the results of our products. We perform flawless paint corrections on our clients vehicles, but the key is the follow up maintenance. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars then resort to bad habits. We educate our clients on the best ways to maintain great value of there investments.

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