Terms and Conditions

At World Class Auto Detail we stand behind our work with our Satisfaction Guarantee! We strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations on every detail! Our service guarantee allows you to review your vehicle before the Detailer leaves ensuring you are happy with the detail. After reviewing your vehicle the Detailer will be more than happy to fix anything you may see. After your 100% happy with your detail you’ll pay for your service. All of our Detailers strive to exceed every customer’s expectations; however, our service guarantee cannot be promised if you are not present for the detail to review the work.

Our World Class Service Guarantee is our way of standing behind the Services. However, there may be instances when you are not happy with the resolution. World Class Auto Detail Service Guarantee only implies that we will make our best efforts to offer mediation between you and the detailing technician to resolve any issues.


By scheduling your detail, you agree and are digitally signing to agree our legally binding terms and conditions listed herein entirely, including to pay for your detail service in full via your credit card placed on file. Acceptance of your confirmation email furthermore constitutes and is agreeance to our terms and conditions herein regardless to any claim that the email wasn’t read or received. You authorize your credit card to be charged and agree to pay the full amount of the detail as outlined and confirmed in your confirmation email or text. Any additional fees that you’ve authorized directly with the detailing technician (which will be authorized and signed for if applicable) will also be charged directly to the credit card on file. 99% of our customers are happy with their detailing service, but results may vary on each detail service performed, some better than others; results are not guaranteed, implicitly or explicitly, and are not inferred or implied. We make our very best attempt to perform the most amazing detailing services possible; however, because with any service, results are always very subjective and will vary. You agree via your digital signature and by agreeing and accepting to our terms and conditions, that by scheduling this detail with your credit card, you agree to pay for the service in full in accordance with your credit card issuers agreement, regardless to any claim to quality, completeness or the final outcome of the detail. Furthermore, We recommend that you’re on-site to inspect the detail and review the service. Our technician is more than happy to try and fix any issues directly with you before he leaves. If you’re unable to be on-site to review the detail service, you agree to withdrawal all rights to any claim against quality or incompleteness and still agree to pay for the service in full. If payment is not made, the amount owed shall incur interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (or the highest rate permitted by law, if less) until all amounts owed, including the interest, penalties, fees, etc have been paid in full. In addition, you agree to bear all of our costs of collection, including our attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses. If a detail is charged back, you will be liable for the charge-back fees, original detail amount, interest, expenses incurred, collections fees and damages associated with recovering the charge-back. A $40 charge-back fee will be assessed for a disputed credit card transaction.


Our gift cards do not expire or incur any balance fees. As long as you have the gift card, we will honor its purchase. When purchasing a gift card, a printable copy will be immediately emailed to you via our automated system. Gift cards are non-refundable under any circumstance, and “not receiving” a gift card does not constitute or imply a refund will be given. We will make every effort to resend gift cards via email or mail to specially accommodate you and make sure you get the gift card. If a gift card is lost, we’re not responsible for maintaining or locating lost gift cards. After 30 days, we no longer have access to old gift card purchase records and will not be able to locate an old gift card number or recipient. The gift card number is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and recipient and should be treated with care. Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be recovered or reprocessed.

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