Baltimore City Detail Day

Baltimore City Detail Day


World Class Auto Detail would like to extend our Corporate Detail Day Event to your staff. Here’s your opportunity to “work while we wash”. If you’re interested in having your car detailed at work please use our easy online sign up . You must provide your email, level of service, and vehicle type to reserve your appointment. The date is pending but will be provided to all interested. Any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We look forward to providing you with world class service!  

Our sign up members are first priority. We can’t guarantee service if you don’t do so! So sign up today!


1. Choose Service Level 1-5 & Vehicle Size Below

2. Click Sign Up & Submit Below

3. Enter Service Information, Phone number & Email

Services are as follows:  

Small (2 door) Medium (4 door)  Large (SUV) XL (van/truck)

*Prices reflect our $5-$10 OFF Corporate Discount Rates

Level 1 Premium Wash

Small $35  Med $40    Large $45  XL $55

                (Time 30-45 min)

Exterior Wash & Rain X Treatment, Interior Vacuum & Wipe Down , Windows & Door Jambs

Level 2 Express Detail

Small $59  Med $69   Large $79  XL $89

               (Time 45-75 minutes).      

Spot Free Wash & Seasonal Polish or Sealant Spray Wax, Interior vac, console cleaning & disinfecting

Deep Wheel Clean & Tire Dressing


Level 3 Exterior Wax Paint Protection

Small $125  Med $135  Large $145 XL $175

                   Time (1.5-2.5 Hours)

Wash, Mild Clay Bar Treatment, Wax, Vacuum & Wipe Down, Deep Wheel Clean & Tire Dressing

Level 3.2 – Two stage paint polish and sealant for extended gloss and protection

 Small $165  Med $185  Large $210 XL $250 (Time 2-3.5 Hours)

Level 3.3 – Three Stage Paint Correction removes scratches (Compound, Polish, Sealant)

 Small $200  Med $250  Large $275  XL $350

Level 4 Interior Deep Clean

Small $115  Medium $130  Large $145  XL $165

                  (Time 1-3 Hours)

Complete interior vacuum, disinfect, & shampoo, Cloth/Leather upholstery & console cleaning  

Add Exterior Rain X Wash                  

Small $20 Med $25  Large $30  XL $35

Level 5 World Class Complete Detail

Small $189  Med $199  Large $249  XL $279

                   (Time 3-5 hours)

Wash & mild clay bar treatment, Swirl free wax and polish, Complete interior detail 

Add engine or headlight restore $25-$40

Any questions feel free to contact Quintin Moody Talk/Text (443)463-3533




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